Is it illegal to order knives online?

Federal law prohibits the shipment of “harmful items” including automatic knives. The penalty for violating this law is a fine or imprisonment for no more than one year.

Is it illegal to order knives online?

Federal law prohibits the shipment of “harmful items” including automatic knives. The penalty for violating this law is a fine or imprisonment for no more than one year. Can an automatic knife be purchased online? Yes, you can buy automatic knives from an online retailer. However, you must ensure that there are no state laws banning these knives and you must also comply with the Federal Knife Act.

Can you buy an automatic knife online? It's a question that requires you to consider a lot of things before answering it. First, you want to clarify if your state allows civilians to possess this type of knife. Then, it's important to use the correct carrier to avoid facing anti-knife laws. As long as you clarify those two things, you may be able to buy an automatic knife online.

Do you know the import and sale laws? I am looking to buy knives at sea and sell them online. what's going on with your site? First, I spend all morning answering ALL THE QUESTIONS IN THIS SECTION related to knife laws to try to help everyone who has been asking the questions you see above. All my answers said that they were waiting for moderation. I'll come back later to see if they were ever excepted and not a single one appears here.

Haven't any responses been approved? It's like they couldn't give a damn if I spent all that time answering each and every one of these questions because their site hasn't yet updated the laws in the states that have since repealed the STATE serious crime law related to Switchblades. I answered and addressed ALL the concerns here about what that really means for people and why they may not yet have updated their laws by state to include those who have. I understand knife laws better than most, because my business and the success of my company require me to know knife laws, from federal to state and local jurisdictional laws. I thought I was helping them by responding to each person and explaining to them the law, what the change means to them and what it means in general, as well as the expectations that may arise from these changes in the law.

Or is it because my website, which it requests as part of the information it asks people when they respond or leave a comment, has a place for a website and I have included my company website? Have I broken some underlying rules by providing my company's Facebook page? If, by some miracle, you allow this comment to be published, I hope you will be kind enough to answer me and explain to me why you did not approve any of my answers. Which were based solely on updated facts and laws. To everyone I tried to provide the answers to their questions about the laws, I tried to provide the answers they never had, but apparently the moderators of this site felt the need to block my answers from getting to you and would prefer to provide them with deceptive and incorrect knife laws. state-based.

Therefore, be careful when responding on a website like this one that doesn't keep its pages updated and blocks responses from those who do. Use additional resources to provide you with the precise laws for the state in question and, if necessary, compare a couple of sites to see if you can find a common answer, which is likely to be the right one. Great post and thanks for letting me know about the law, I really appreciate sharing, well can you let me know where I can get a Swiss army style knife from? I'll be waiting for your answer. Which means that your 2.5-inch locking pocket knife you use to cut your fishing line automatically becomes illegal if your sole purpose is to carry that knife to cause harm or be used to commit a crime (i.e., use it for illegal purposes).

After years of experience with many ups and downs, Brian now wants to share everything he has learned during his journey as an avid knife collector, an experienced knife maker and a knife enthusiast. If I know that they live in an area where a certain knife is illegal, I refuse to sell it, but since I cannot know all the laws of local jurisdictions, I base the laws at the state level, the buyer is responsible for the laws where they will own and use it, and if they get into trouble there. there's nothing anyone can do about it. So I live in Minnesota and I'm going on a road trip to Hilton Head.

I want to buy a knife in every state I go to. Can I get a knife in a state that is illegal in Minnesota and bring it back with me?. In the case of almost every knife, there is a set of simple guidelines you can follow to gain a generalized understanding of knife laws in the U.S. UU.

In general, however, it still boils down to the laws, restrictions and regulations of the jurisdiction in which you find such a knife. . .

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